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A year later the founder joined the Hurons in an expedition against the Iroquois whom they defeated.

Criticism has been directed against Champlain for having become involved in Indian warfare ; but with a knowledge of the conditions of trade, and the situation of the few Frenchmen at this time, his action seems to have been in the best interests of the settlement.

This edition does not contain the account of the visits to Mexico and the West Indies.

The first volume has an excellent biographical sketch of Champlain by Abbé Laverdière.

La Place Royale , the name given to the site by Champlain, is now in the heart of the commercial portion of the city of Montreal.

The island opposite, now a popular summer resort, he named Sainte-Hélène, in honour of his wife.

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Pierre de Chauvin had proposed to make a permanent settlement at Tadoussac, but Champlain was not in favour of this place, and, having cast anchor at the foot of Cape Diamond, he considered that the point of Quebec would be the most advantageous site for the future colony.

Two years later, on the 14th of August, 1615, he set out from Carhagouha at the head of a small band of Frenchmen to assist the Hurons against the Iroquois. On their journey they passed by Lake Ouantaron, now known as Lake Simcoe, and proceeded by way of Sturgeon Lake.