Alex dating allkpop

12-Dec-2017 06:58

" her problem is that she's probably under a lengthy contract like 5- 8 years or something like that and maybe she doesn't know she can get out.

Along with the photo, Hyeme wrote, "Family photo..?

SEE ALSO: VIXX's Ravi says he's preparing for his mix tape to be released at the start of the new year You already know about Alex and she's looking gorgeous! cool, but i just have one question: Alex can speak a properly korean?

Ttabo is a new member and is said to be Chinese - she looks gorgeous as well!

The choreography is not hard; this situation would have been easily rectify if they had recorded the dancing without Alex and had a dancer with Alex's name tag on to show her the moves. There are many ways to overcome language barriers and in dancing it like counting 1,2,3,4 and observing the person who demonstrating. It is also important to look at the reason to why Alex can not dance on the live performances. The answer I would like to know is "what is stopping her from continuing to dance the rest of the song with the others while during the live performances".

Even said she know the moves Is there a punishment or a sanction if Alex remains on the stage and refuses to leave.It's pushing it to say the label pulled Alex out of the choreography~ Things that people can't generally understand is probably not understandable or pardonable to the label, as well.