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"But if you actually did, you'd be bombarded by women who wanted it inside them. Girls don't want to be put on a pedestal, they want to be seen as more than just beauty and money; they want to be sexual beings. Use all your personality and just become the full package." I joked, "My package is pretty full right now." "Shit," she said, sighing. She looked around, grabbed my hand and decided, "Let's build you some more confidence." I followed her to some trees as she continued, "Don't you understand just how special you are?They'd send you back lots of pictures of their own." "So size matters," I said. "Well then, I guess I need more practice," I declared, wanting to fuck my sister every chance I could get. They like guys who know what they want and go for it. " "No," I admitted, still in awe of my sister's lust for me. If I could fuck my gorgeous sister, and treat her like a slut... I should be able to do the same to Jane or any other cheerleader slut who had ignored me for over three years."I'm not just going to fuck you," I responded, "I'm going to slay that peach in half." "Oh yes, split me in half with your massive sword," she purred, playing along. "Maybe that's it," Jane nodded, as she then took an undeniable look at my crotch. I chatted with people I'd never ever talked to before: football players, cheerleaders, the cool kids.I again noticed she wasn't wearing any panties, as I lifted up her skirt. No one treated me like the nerd I always felt like at school. the new me a lot more confident, funny and charming. "Likely," Jane nodded, as suddenly I was watching two jocks I couldn't name but recognized, double penetrating Shelly (our school President). Jane, my high school fantasy girl, was living up to her title of 'head cheerleader' by sucking my cock, while the most beautiful girl I knew, my sister, was watching avidly while she played with herself.Joey dresses as Batman and Sarah as a naughty school girl (see chapter 2), and they plan to head to a Halloween party on Saturday October 29 which is hosted by Jane, the current head cheerleader of Joey's high school. "Well, that goes without saying," I agreed, before singing, "You can't have one without the other." "You're still a geek," she laughed. "Yes, a very big dicked geek," she concurred, rubbing my cock with her right hand, driving with the other. " I asked, knowing only that she planned to somehow set me up with the hottest cheerleader in my school: Jane.Since last year Sarah had been head cheerleader at the same school, she has high status in a secret cheerleader society that has been going on for decades, and one of the perks of this status is that Jane is a submissive to her. "We're planning to get you a girlfriend named Jane and to get you laid," she answered, "are you up for it?

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" asked my sister, suddenly shocked and frustrated. No longer a virgin, my eyes opened wide to the reality that girls like sex as much as guys... Jane walked over to Sarah and smiled warmly, "I'm so glad you could make it." "It's good to be back," Sarah nodded, as Jane looked at me. awe being the three letter word that described perfectly the past twenty-four hours. And now, on the screen, the goth Chelsey had her legs spread and the blonde angel Patty (literally) was between her legs licking away.

"I see your maidenhood is flagrantly unprotected against dragons." "Claim it with your lance, my knight," she said, looking back at me. "Oh yes," she moaned, as I buried my cock in her wet pussy. Instead, I smiled, trying to remain confident, even as I was nervous as hell inside, "You look amazing, Jane." "You look very different," she said, as she looked at me... Jane surprised me by appearing out of nowhere, grabbing my hand and saying, "Come with me, stud." Sarah, to my surprise, saw us leaving and followed, as we went past a few rooms (I wondered how many bedrooms this house had), before going into the last room down the long hallway. It actually had two floors, as it had a loft at the back of the house. " "My parents, when they're home," Jane said, as she went over to a table and grabbed the remote. " "Of course," Jane nodded, as she turned the television on. I gasped, even though I knew the answer to my question, "Is that Shelly Hamilton? "Yeah, she's a natural submissive and a complete lesbian," Jane said, before she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. Sarah asked, "Is this all you imagined, baby brother? Jane took my cock out of her mouth just long enough to add, "I can't believe it either," referring to my big cock.

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