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07-Jan-2018 00:08

Twenty-five countries have never recognized Israel.

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The Brevet will take you to the Dead Sea, Eilat, and the Red Sea.

As noted above: Bikes go free on the bus and train, so you could take your bike and ride around these places, but I wouldn't recommend riding in the big towns if you're not familiar with "Mediterranean Driving" (if you know what I mean...

- - Registration: Registration started on 1 January 2014. On 1 April 2014 the start list will be re-sorted, and riders that rode a brevet in Israel before August 2013 will be at the top of the registration list (there are about 10 such riders.

Some of them rode more than one brevet in Israel in the past.) From 1 April 2014, the start list is sorted by the time of registration.

;-) ) 5) Desert Section: There is a 90 km section on the Negev Desert.

We plan to have 2 places in this section that will provide water for free.

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- - Logistics: There will be a group reservation of beds and showers.

2) Flight to Israel: The Tel Aviv Airport code is TLV. Easiest way would be to take a taxi (on your left as you exit the arrivals hall.) Cost is about 165 NIS plus 5-20 NIS depending on the size and number of bags. There are quite a few convenience stores that are open 24/7 in Tel Aviv, so no problem getting groceries and food.

Cheaper would be to take the train to Central Tel Aviv train station, and either a local taxi, or a bus. Local Tel Aviv taxi could cost about 40-60 NIS (metered,) and bus is about 15 NIS (about 7 NIS for a 1 person ticket, and another ticket for a large bag.) Assembled bikes cannot go on local (urban areas) buses. Assembled bikes go for free on the train during off-peak hours. The ride starts and finishes where the Yarkon River meets the Mediterranean Sea, near the Tel Aviv Port (not the Old Port of Jaffa.) Around N32.1035743 E34.7770494 Tel Aviv is flat, so it doesn't really matter where you sleep.

There will be a bag-drop service that will include showers. There is no obligation to participate in the bag-drop and shower service.

- - FAQs: 1) Official Information about the ride: This blog post is the official place to get information about the ride.Registration times for a support car (that you can meet at the controls) are the same as for the riders. After a successful finish, there is an option to purchase a medal of the LRM.

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