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16-Oct-2017 04:59

I always had an unstable relationship on the go, platonic or romantic, where I would let myself be completely swallowed up by the other person, and then break down when I perceived they were going to abandon me.

I did not know what was going on, and even when I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, that couldn’t explain the intense emotions which I was struggling with every day.

It was only until I was offered DBT when a psychiatrist suggested that I had Borderline Personality Disorder.

Everything seemed to make sense and fit into that diagnosis, from my intense emotions, to my unstable relationships.

Saying I struggle with borderline personality disorder is such an easy way to explain why I struggle so much with relationships and why my thinking is so black & white, or why I dissociate so much, or why I struggle with impulse control — 🍃 (@ultraednos) November 23, 2017 This is why we need to get rid of the stigma surrounding personality disorders and make it easier for people with BPD to access therapy.

We must talk about mental health, be it what we’ve personally experienced, or just dispelling general myths about mental illnesses to challenge the ignorance and prejudice people with mental health conditions face.

blacklabellogic) where I tend to drop them fairly regularly, and some I haven’t shared before on that platform for various reasons. Sleeping with women you work with is like putting a TV in your gym, it distracts from why you are there, and impedes your progress. Relationships are like a weed habit, you become complacent and get nothing done. Crazy women are like cocaine habits, expensive as fuck, and it always ends badly. Dating is like BBQ, if it heats up too fast, it always ends with something being on fire. Crazy women are like the CIA, you think everything is cool until you realize she went through all your stuff, and cut the brakes on your car. Having a blue pilled dating coach/relationship adviser is like having a naïve and trusting lawyer. In the present legal climate letting a woman be responsible for birth control is like letting the state do your taxes. A woman attempting to get you to have unprotected sex after the break-up is like trying to get you to burn the prenup prior to filing. Having unprotected sex with a woman after the break-up is like putting all your cash in the bank prior to filing for divorce. Self-deprecation to get people to like you is like doubling down on communism because you want to get rich. Moral arguments are like Geometry class, you try angles, end up going in circles, but inevitably get stuck in a square. Excuses are like shots of scotch, everyone has a few, some have too many, but truth is if you have too many, you won’t get shit done. A woman treats her sexual history as an intelligence operative does his resume, it’s classified, if they told you they have to kill you. A woman is a lot like a corporation, regardless of how shady, they always spin it as if doing a public virtuous service.

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I wish I had reached out for help earlier, and hadn’t given in to the stigma by remaining silent about experiencing difficult emotions and suicidal thoughts.

New Jersey resident Corinne, 26, was diagnosed with the disorder seven years ago.

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