England gerogian era dating

03-Aug-2017 19:08

Ladies had to sleep sitting up and travel on the carriage floor to avoid spoiling their creations.

With no combing possible, lice were inevitable so a special scratching rod was invented for irritated ladies to poke into their piled up hair.5.

Everybody loves a nice, cosy Jane Austen adaptation on TV.

The fabulous frocks, fans, feathers and finery soothe us with images of a gentler, well-mannered time when gentlemen in cravats and breeches wooed perfumed gentlewomen across ballrooms and well-manicured lawns. Life for Georgian women, even of high birth, was harsh enough in a time when men still held all the power and husbands could beat and even rape their wives.

BIG HAIRYou may have thought 1980s perms were huge but Georgian ladies were the mistresses of big hair.

They piled their frizzed and curled locks over pads or wires to create show pieces for the drawing room.

Poor people were encouraged to sell healthy teeth for this purpose.

While such a practice was unethical, it was better than the other method of sourcing human teeth: pillaging them battlefields and graveyards.3.

Styles from the 1760s were domed or egg-shaped, elongating into the pouf in the 1780s.Following her example, women competed with one another to make the tallest headdress.Since these styles were costly and took hours to arrange, they were worn for several weeks.Years of coating the entire face, shoulders and neck with such a mixture could lead to catastrophic consequences.

Society beauty Maria Gunning died at the age of just 27, having spent her life addicted to cosmetics.Catalan nanotechnology engineer Santos poses beside Samantha, a sex doll packed with artificial intelligence providing her the capability to respond to different scenarios and verbal stimulus, in his house in Rubi Lead-poisoning could cause hair loss and tooth decay but ingeniously, these problems were elegantly adapted into the fashion and it became desirable to have a high forehead and pencil-thin eyebrows.

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