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The 2004 release of a U2-branded i Pod first brought them together in a bid to strengthen their grips on the entertainment sector, but now the demise of the traditional record industry has given both middle-aged brands intimations of obsolescence.Following the relative failure of their 2009 album No Line on the Horizon, U2 feared that the paying public’s appetite for further releases was in terminal decline.Industry insiders said Apple had betrayed its history of anticipating changes in consumer desires by aligning itself with a veteran band past its peak.Why not choose Pharrell Williams, whose singles have dominated the charts and who played at the i Tunes festival in London this month, for an exclusive deal?The partners are now embarking on a “secret project” to create a new digital music format which will compensate musicians for their efforts, and aims to revive the dying art of listening to a complete album.But even a billion-pound business such as U2 can be hurt by the vitriolic reaction to their attempt to spread some free musical love.We went to Apple and we said ‘We’re not interested in free music – we think music is undervalued.’“We said ‘Would you be interested in buying our album and getting it to all 500m of your i Tunes accounts?’ Tim Cook is an unflappable man – he might have flapped for a little bit, but not for long.”Despite the furious reaction in some quarters, the union between Apple and U2 is set to strengthen.

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Paul Quirk, ERA’s chairman, said: “This vindicates our view that giving away hundreds of millions of albums simply devalues music and runs the risk of alienating the 60 per cent of the population who are not customers of i Tunes.

The app is amazing for plenty of reasons: it finally replaces Apple's decade-old i Photo, it's got a slick new interface, and it’s snappy as hell.

But the big thing about Photos for Mac is it uses a new technology called i Cloud Photo Library that fulfills the promise that was first banded about circa 2012 that eventually one day in the magnificent future all our files would live in the cloud.

From this magical cloud any device we owned could access any file at any time.

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Apple has grown its mobile footprint exponentially during the past 19 months with enormous i Phone and i Pad sales.“Wasn’t that the most incredible single you ever heard?

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