Interracial speed dating events chicago

10-Aug-2017 16:40

Many parents would be happy if a child brought home an Asian man or woman because they usually are hard working and will have a decent job, he said.

The Hispanic and Asian couple, receiving fours and some threes, was seen as more acceptable than the white and Hispanic pair, which got threes on the five-point scale.

Miles said he started interracially dating in college because he found black women difficult.

In college, when he had no money, black women wanted nothing to do with him.

Shivni isn’t the only one who has defended her relationship to her parents.

Kathleen, 49, and Miles Lee, 47, a black and white couple, are still going strong after 23 years of marriage.

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Kim said this makes her feel like a mail order bride.

She said she believes it’s because she is in a large city and people are more cognizant of interracial dating.