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12-Nov-2017 04:13

The means of transport for these little mind vacations may vary, but the two most popular are obviously alcoholic beverages and marijuana. By contrast, the CDC’s Health Effect page for grass lists no fatality figures.

Though it’s well-known that booze goes way back — each builder of the pyramids at Giza had a per day beer ration — fewer realize just how long ago humans took their first toke: Marijuana was one of mankind’s earliest crops, dating back 12,000 years to areas in what are now Mongolia and southern Siberia. A far as overdoses go, while 10 times the normal amount of liquor can cause one, to overdose on marijuana.” About 15% of people who drink get addicted to alcohol, which isn’t a lot, though it’s more than with grass.

Patients with MS will now only receive his drug if their local commissioning group chooses to ignore the Nice guidelines.

Current research is evaluating the effectiveness of marijuana in cancer, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia, but randomised clinical trials comparing marijuana and placebo are few and far between.

Not to forget dose-related effects in users of all ages: dizziness, sedation, dry mouth, muscle weakness, low blood pressure, palpitations, and anxiety.

Addiction is a risk in about 9% (versus 30% for tobacco).

However, within a decade, hemp would fall out of favour - it was insoluble, unpredictable, and had a short shelf-life. Eventually her desperate parents sourced a canniboid derivative to add to her existing anti-seizure drugs.

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However just this week, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) ruled that Sativex is not cost- effective.

And certainly not if the benefits of marijuana over existing treatments are uncertain.

Those patients I mentioned – the teenagers who come to me with refractory epilepsy, and dozens of seizures each day – maybe one day they’ll be sitting across from me in clinic while I write a prescription for Charlotte’s Web.

That means working further with drugs like Sativex (which is not Schedule 1) or reconsidering the Schedule 1 status for cannabinoids under tight regulation.

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Exposing my often very unwell patients to the risks of psychosis, dependence, and cognitive impairment is not something that I can bear to do.

A narrow majority in the lower house of Dutch Parliament has voted in favour of regulating marijuana cultivation, therefore making it easier for residents to supply coffee shops with the drug.

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