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How Mama Bear Reformed Cubby Bear It may be a good rule of thumb to say any combination of first born and last born has a better chance for marital success than do other combinations, but success doesn't follow automatically. Two people must work together on being considerate, caring, and mutually supportive.

When I married Sande, it was a classic matchup of the pleaser Mama Bear taking on the playful Cub.

I started out being fortunate to be the last-born brother of my first-born sister, Sally.

Eight years older than I, she mothered me quite a bit and taught me a lot about women.

One day, while I was working on my doctorate, Sande heard me expostulating on how to discipline children and hold them accountable for their actions. Then came the day when I could not open the door because Sande had shoved a giant stack of my clothes against it to make room for whatever she was doing. Sande and I had a long overdue talk and shared our feelings.

According to their research, only children and last borns supposedly make the best match, followed by first borns and last borns. Following is a quick rundown on six birth-order combinations and why they tend to go wrong or right in a marriage, plus some practical tips for each combination.

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