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12-Dec-2017 23:48

While creating Haptek’s avatars, you can also add flowing hair, hats, beards, glasses, and other accessories to the virtual character.You can even record your own voice and add it to an Automated Personality.Experts’ Prize Winners 2010 in this competition won two Avatars: ej Talk and Humanity Interactive which evolved into Humanity Online.

This captivating video demonstrates the rapid progress in this area by showing Veronica_001, an Avatar created by Gravity Design Studios, which talks to existing and potential clients in the most fascinating way: One of the events demonstrating innovations in speech technology is Speech TEK Europe, which focuses on speech technologies, speech biometrics and voice user interaction design.Cassandra demonstrates multimodal interaction (pointing and speech), emotions and gestural elements.Another great example of an avatar is Santos,which represents the culmination of years of study in modelling, multi-body dynamics and robotics, heralded by ergonomists as a breakthrough in digital modelling.Avatars are becoming very useful while serving in medical industry as virtual patients. Another research project on Virtual Patients, multi-user virtual environment Virtual Patient Care Simulation Lab, aims to provide a virtual environment for training and education of medical specialists, based on the tools of Virtual World Second Life.

They have to understand the doctor’s questions no matter how they are phrased, therefore, scientists working in laboratories use speech processing and natural language processing (NLP), in order to simulate the way patients are speaking to doctors. This video shows a fully interactive platform for medical training, where users can select individual medications for intravenous injections (IV’s) and tools for patient care.

All characters express emotions by build-in gestures and played animations.