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He plunged it in again as I watched the glistening shaft of flesh disappear into my belly. Tyler was kind, considerate and treated me like a queen. Megan was a grade behind me in school and had become almost like a sister in the two months since I started dating Tyler. well, he was Ty's pervy little thirteen year old brother who spied on us, tattled and was a pain in the ass. He rubbed his bare boner up and down my thoroughly wet and juicy slot.

Tyler's wonderful bare cock rippled across the folds inside me, causing a shudder to run down my spine. Most important – he didn't pressure me into anything. Tyler drove us to the hotel outside Allentown where our prom was held. He teased me a minute before asking, "Are you ready, Pumpkin?

"Take good care of Debbie," Dad commanded as Tyler helped me into his car. We speculated that Bailey put out for Dustin because he tutored her in math and science. Sex was the focus of our conversation as we enjoyed our brews.

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They believed that me being on the pill was explicit permission from them for me to have sex. "I'm so sorry, Pumpkin," Ty said as he lay down between my legs. I guess we'll just have to make out some more." "Fuck! "I need you to fill me." Ty attempted to satisfy my needs by feeling me up and with deep kissing. I humped my pussy up and rubbed against my lover's naked boner. He stared into my eyes with his bare boner stuck into me a fraction of an inch.

She had gone all the way with her boyfriend, Josh Fuller, six months earlier. We washed the sheets so my parents would not find out what we had been doing. Our second time fucking was much better than the first. I was really beginning to enjoy it when Ty blasted his load into the rubber. Tyler arrived at few minutes before five o'clock that evening. We had to return to Tyler's house for more pictures. We posed for more pictures in the Johnson's front lawn. None of us are goody two shoes, but forty-eight cans of beer split among ten people is almost five cans each. All of us had beer at parties before but the fact that we would be inspected by our parents at the end of the evening when we got home forced us to moderate our drinking. We did not have that concern to force us to restrict our drinking. My friends and I talked about the prom, talked about our classes and gossiped about our classmates. Bailey had a well established reputation as the class slut. Hailey told us that Bailey's best friend confirmed that Bailey was knocked up.

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