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After which, a firing takes place where one or two people are usually fired.

(With the exception of the sixth season) The final two are then assigned different tasks, along with support teams composed of previously fired candidates.

NBC announced that it would not bring back the show for a second season, although the network stressed that the show was initially planned to air only for one season.

The show averaged between six and seven million viewers.

Trump was one of the executive producers of the show and castings were held in 27 cities across the United States.

The fourth season of The Apprentice earned less than spectacular ratings, while The Apprentice: Martha Stewart struggled.

Before the show left, both Donald Trump and Martha Stewart had a fight due to Stewart accusing Trump that he didn't want her to have a successful show, that he might have wanted it jinxed.

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There has also been talk that Trump did not want Stewart to host the spin-off show.

Overcome by stress, Verna Felton of season11, baseball player Jose Canseco quit due to his father's illness and Ne Ne Leakes left due to a conflict with Star Jones.

The thirteen winners of the show, in chronological order, are Bill Rancic, Kelly Perdew, Kendra Todd, Randal Pinkett, Sean Yazbeck, Stefanie Schaeffer, Piers Morgan, Joan Rivers, Bret Michaels, Brandy Kuentzel, John Rich, Arsenio Hall, Trace Adkins (the first All-Star Celebrity Apprentice), and Leeza Gibbons.

The contestants (who are referred to as candidates) come from backgrounds in various enterprises, but typically include backgrounds in real estate, accounting, restaurant management, consulting management, sales, and marketing.

During the show, these contestants live in a communal penthouse, allowing their relationships to build.The only exception however, was in the sixth season, when the show moved to Los Angeles; Teams had been separated, with the winning team living in a mansion and the losing team taking up residence in tents located in the mansion's backyard.