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790: Even the slightest idea of fashion can be very attractive. 748: We don't actually wear matching bras and panties all the time.

349: Hair starts growing in funny places when we turn fifty.

[image id='77430134-9d92-44b8-b9c7-02eaec86ad0f' media Id='da55999d-5be8-4093-832e-f9b9c081669f' loc='C'][/image] Click here to see the full-size word cloud, showing what women said most frequently. 185: "Business casual": Easy for you, but bewildering for us. 218: What makes our skin crawl: cell phone holsters, crocs (really? Even when it's boring, it's good to know you think about them. 989: We appreciate when you keep your condoms within close reach from the bed so we don't spend ten minutes waiting naked while you search the other end of the apartment. It's up to you to figure out which of these we want to be at any given moment, because we certainly aren't going to tell you. 896: Not all of us envy the whole peeing-while-standing thing.

), and when you leave your stupid bluetooth earpiece in 24/7.

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Don't choose an XL because it's the first thing you found. Cassie Rodenberg, 22, Charleston, South Carolina No. 95: The way we feel about your kisses on the back of our necks: Think ice cream in August. What we never want is for you to ask us if we want dessert. 614: No matter how much we love you we will never care what level you've gotten to in Call of Duty. 292: Sometimes we just wear nice clothes and makeup for no other reason than to look good. 404: Under no circumstance, besides enlistment in the Army, will we find cargo pants an acceptable choice. 368: Don't be surprised that we have condoms in our top dresser drawer. 663: If we just met you and we're making out on the dance floor, chances are it wasn't your dance moves that got you this lucky. 687: Sometimes we rely on your mother to say what we've been thinking. 720: Always assume that what we contain in our purses is very necessary. 857: We like it when you take your fashion advice, but not your fidelity advice, from Don Draper. 772: Men don't realize that women notice everything. 313: It's cute when you don't quite know how to dress, so long as your not knowing doesn't involve jean shorts or a fanny pack. Cassie Rodenberg, 22, Charleston, South Carolina No. 460: You'll lose points every time you use the word "pussy." Katie Knies, 22, North Salem, New York No. 763: When we run into an ex, we always play "Who Won?

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