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It hurt again but this time I was more relaxed and after a short repositioning the pain was gone.Bruno took me hard with all his strength and I started to enjoy it. Soon I felt his knot entering me and in this moment it struck me like a lightning and I had one of the biggest orgasms in my live.Actually, I must have enjoyed a lot because I didn't really recognize that Bruno started to hump me and suddenly I felt something between my legs.I looked and saw his dig between my legs (Yes, I still wore my pajamas) and I stopped the play again.I was on a weekend trip with my two best friends and we had a lot of fun.Among others we visited the sex museum which is not that big but quite funny.I ended the play and went to sleep but I still felt the warm weight of Bruno on my back and it felt quite good. I still wore my pajamas so there was no danger of ... I got on all fours and Bruno didn't need much time and he was back on me again.

Strangely enough, the memory of the pain faded first and so after a while I just felt the hot thing inside me ...I was a little bit shocked because that was more than I originally had planed.