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12-Jul-2017 08:27

is expected to release for Windows first around "probably Christmas".Francis also hopes to create a version for Linux systems, but he admits he doesn't know how to port this Game Maker title yet.It's mostly from his non-game related pieces, but there's still lots of great stuff there.[Via Jakten] replaced the project's placeholder graphics with a dark and detailed look that actually seem to do the game's concept justice, I've hoped that a video would come out to show the new graphics in motion.Effectively, game publishers are saying, "There are good guys and bad guys in this game. Gamers in the United States are dumb, make no mistake, but at least they're able to grasp the cover art's creativity and subtlety without needing additional color to drive the point home.

I'm afraid we're putting the site on semi-permanent hiatus, as of, uhm, this very post, after 6 years (wow!It's the lack of imagination that gets me, I suppose.