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If it doesn’t, you’ll find your computer difficult to operate. The easiest way to do so is from the Task Manager window, on the Performance tab.

Summon the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl Shift Esc.

I also noticed that multi-tasking was pretty much out of the question if I wanted to get anything done in a reasonable amount of time.

So I was like most Vista users, asking myself why I had upgraded in the first place.

The video card might not be up to speed to handle the new Vista interface, or you might not have enough RAM installed.

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First, try disabling the Aero theme to see if that helps.I just knew there had to be ways to help optimize performance and get my PC running better.After some research and testing, I've come up with a list of 7 ways that considerably increase Vista performance.Vista is filled with new features and visual effects that are useful and visually pleasing. The number one complaint I hear from users is the performance of Vista is very slow compared to XP.

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Most new PCs are well equipped to handle the large appetite of Vista, but for the users that upgraded to Vista, it's a whole different story.For this example we are going to select the option to Adjust for best performance. Ready Boost is a new feature in Vista that allows you to use your USB hard drive, or flash drives as memory for your PC.