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However, after his demise, the Proto Gashats were back in CR's possession, with Emu promising that one day in the future, their technology for fighting the Game Disease will be advanced enough to retrieve the data of the lost ones that succumbed to said disease.These Rider Gashats are based off of Ex-Aid's Kamen Rider predecessors.

Later on, after Masamune used Reset to reset time, the Proto Gashats (besides the ones Kiriya used for his combo forms) were returned back to him once more.

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The main 10 Gashat Games' covers displayed on CR's television screen: (from top to bottom) Mighty Action X, Taddle Quest, Bang Bang Shooting, Bakusou Bike, Gekitotsu Robots, Do Re Mi Fa Beat, Giri Giri Chambara, Jet Combat, Shakariki Sports, and Drago Knight Hunter Z.

The Proto Gashats can be used in the same way as their later iterations to access gray (or black and purple, in the case of Genm) prototype Rider forms, as demonstrated by Proto Mighty Action X, Proto Shakariki Sports, and Proto Jet Combat, as well as a variety of forms seen in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

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Additionally, if a Bugster comes into possession of their Proto Gashat of origin, they can use it to gain great power.A second Rider Gashat can be inserted into the Gamer Driver's second slot to access higher level forms, such as Level 3, 4, or 5, depending on the Gashat.